What are the hazards?

Take a look at the below image and try your best to figure out what the potential hazards are. We've provided the answers at the bottom but try and figure them out without looking.

There are a total of 6!

A sandy beach

The Hazards

Crumbling cliffs


Cliffs can be slippery or unstable, causing you to fall in


Stay away from the cliff edge

Change in water depth


Water depth can change suddenly due to the sea bed.


Be cautious of sudden depth change. Read the warning signs.

Hidden objects


Swimming in areas of the sea where boats, surfboards, jet skis or other water sports are operating is extremely hazardous and could cause injury or fatality


Pay attention to the beach flags. Only swim in areas marked with red and yellow flags. Don’t swim in areas marked with the black and white flag which indicates that there are water sports in operation

Rip Currents

Rip currents are powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water. Swimmers who are caught in a rip current and who do not understand what is happening, or who may not have the necessary water skills, may panic, or they may exhaust themselves by trying to swim directly against the flow of water. Because of these factors, rip currents are the leading cause of rescues by lifeguards at beaches.

Tides and winds


Every year, people get caught out by rapidly rising water and end up being trapped in isolated bays. Inflatables often get blown out to sea and away from safety.


Make sure you know when the incoming tide is expected and where all the exits are. Do not use inflatables in open water. Use them in sheltered and confined spaces, such as rock pools



Hidden rocks in the sea can cause injury and cuts from rocks can become seriously infected if the water is polluted


Be careful when moving in the sea and do not jump into the water when you cannot see what is underneath

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