Now you are starting to become more independent and take journeys on your own it's more important than ever to think about being safe on the roads.

Most people now have mobile phones and either like playing on games, chatting on social media or listening to music but all of these distract you when you are using the roads.

Crossing the road and choosing safe places to cross needs your full attention so save the headphones and mobile phone for when you are somewhere safe. Put them in your pocket, or better still keep them in your bag.

You were probably taught the Green Cross Code when you were in reception or year 1. Four important words;

  1. STOP
  2. LOOK
  4. THINK

Now you are making decisions by yourself it's important that you remember these.

Photograph of a Pelican crossing control box on red, indicating that it it is not safe for pedestrians or cyclists to cross


STOP means stop what you are doing. Stop your music, Stop playing on your phone or Stop chatting to your friends. Give the road your full attention.


LOOK means Look both ways, check that the road is clear.


LISTEN means Listen out for cars, sometimes you can hear traffic coming before you see it. Take your headphones out.


THINK. Give that final check is it OK to cross.