We all like posing for selfies and very often post these online. While this is lots of fun, sometimes the pictures might not be suitable to put on the internet and can leave us open to bullying, blackmail or abuse.

As young people grow up and begin relationships with boyfriends / girlfriends, they may be tempted to swap pictures that are not appropriate.

Here is some advice to consider before posting pictures online:

  • Pause before you post. Are you really happy for the whole world to see that post or picture? Sometimes things that seem funny now may not be in the future and may be hurtful to you or to others.
  • The internet never forgets - as soon as you hit 'send' on a picture, it leaves a 'digital footprint' which can be traced back to you many years later. You lose control of the image and it could be used against you if it is embarrassing or inappropriate.
  • Boyfriends, girlfriends or best friends can sometimes fall out, so any pictures or passwords that have been shared might be used against us for revenge. Best not to share that picture or that password in the first place!
  • 'Sexting' is not harmless fun, and you could be breaking the law. Before you post that picture, ask yourself what your parents or your teachers would say if they saw it.
  • Employers, colleges and Universities may check your internet history. An embarrassing photo sent today could cost us the chance of our dream job in a few years time.

Please watch this short film from the NSPCC with advice on Sexting