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You're watching a livestream of a popular gamer. They keep showing a cool new headset they've got and talking about how everyone should have one. They post a link in the chat where you can buy it too. What do you do?

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A friend from school sends you a message. It tells a creepy story and then says that if you don't send it on to five people in the next 5 minutes then something terrible will happen. What do you do?

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One of your favourite YouTubers is hosting a giveaway and you really want to enter. What do you do?

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There's an exciting new dance trend that's gone viral and everyone is trying it out. You're supposed to post the video of your first attempt, but when you watch yours back it doesn't look as good as the others you have seen. What do you do?

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You've been chatting with an online friend for several months after you met on a fan page for a band you both like. They've just announced a concert coming up and you're desperate to go. Your friend messages asking if you want to go together - they'll even pay for your ticket! What do you do?

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You receive a direct message from a close friend with a picture of some designer sunglasses that say 50% off and a long link to a website you don't recognise. What do you do?

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