The internet can be a really fun place, whether we are playing games, keeping in touch with friends & family all over the world, watching films, music, sport, following content creators or even creating our own content.

But sometimes the internet can be less fun or even seem quite scary - you might see or hear nasty things which could be really upsetting.

With so many devices available for us to get online - mobile phones, tablets, laptops, games consoles, etc - and with increased screentime due to Coronavirus, it is important to keep ourselves safe.

To help keep you safe on all devices every time you log on it is important to follow the SMART rules.

Be SMART on the Internet infographic - Safe / Meeting / Accepting / Reliable / Tell

When using the internet, it's important to:

  • Keep your personal information private, especially when you are in online gaming chat - your guard might be down while you are having fun! Never share things like your real name, where you live or where you go to school with strangers online.
  • Sometimes the most innocent photograph might contain clues about your personal information. Maybe a photograph outside your house shows your house number, or the registration of your car? Or maybe a photo in your school uniform shows the school badge? Perhaps a photo of your birthday cake tells people exactly how old you are from the candles on top? Be careful what you put online otherwise you might be giving small clues about your identity for strangers to piece together like a jigsaw.
  • Ask parents to set up parental controls so you do not see or hear upsetting things online.
  • Always get a grown-ups permission before using the internet or playing games online.
  • If you feel unsure or concerned about anything on the internet tell a trusted adult.