What is fire?

Fire is a chemical reaction known as combustion which occurs when fuel and oxygen are brought together with sufficient heat to cause ignition.

You need three things to start a fire: Heat + Oxygen + Fuel = Fire

This is also known as the triangle of fire.

Heat - A critical temperature must be reached - a heat source

Fuel - The combustible substance - something to burn

Oxygen - Completes the combustion cycle

Keep them all separate and a fire will not start. Removing any one of them stops the fire.

Fire Triangle - Oxygen, Heat, Fuel

How fast can a fire burn?

Still of a video at 1 second - fire has been lit
Still of a video at 27 seconds - fire has spread rapidly to nearby furniture
Stil of a video at 2 minutes, 7 seconds - fire has engulfed entire room

If your clothes catch fire

Stop, Drop, and roll