Dumping litter is another form if vandalism. Discarded carrier bags, household waste and rubbish can kill animals and small children. Glass, tins and hypodermic needles pose obvious threats, but even piles of seemingly harmless wrappers and newspapers are dangerous. It was this kind of waste which fuelled the fires that killed 56 people at Bradford City Football Ground and 31 at Kings Cross station.

You may think that you are doing no harm by throwing away one sweet wrapper, but consider what would happen if everyone in the UK did the same - 56 million wrappers would no longer be such a minor problem.

Litter Fines

Although we rarely hear of people being fined for dropping the odd piece of litter, there is a maximum penalty of £1,000 for the offence. It is up to us all to keep our streets clean. If you know someone who is dumping litter, explain to them what a serious problem they are causing and help to put a stop to our litter problem.

A pile of garbage

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