You may think that graffiti is just a minor offence. Yet stop to think what image it portrays...

Graffiti is a sign of an unsafe, unfriendly area. As the appearance of a town deteriorates, the inhabitants stop caring and crime takes hold. We need to improve our area, not turn it into a no-go area. By stamping out graffiti, we could invest the thousands of pounds which are usually used to clean it up in improved local facilities.

Besides undermining the environment, vandals often endanger themselves in an attempt to get their graffiti in the most prominent position. Accident and Emergency Departments treat the many serious injuries suffered by vandals who have fallen from high buildings and motorway bridges.

Motorway Trespass and Vandalism

Motorways are designed for drivers, not pedestrians. There can be few places more dangerous for a young person to trespass. With cars travelling at speeds more than 70 mph there is little chance that a person walking on the carriageway would survive.

Although few young people are silly enough to wander onto the motorway, some amuse themselves by throwing objects at cars from motorway bridges. Such actions are very dangerous and cause serious injury and death.


Think before you act...

If you know someone who is trespassing on a motorway or damaging property, inform the police IMMEDIATELY!

A building covered in graffiti