Community Safety Quiz

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What should you do when/if you are attacked?

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Why is it dangerous to lie to your parents about where you are?

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An adult comes up to you while you are at the bus stop and tells you the bus will be late because of an accident he just passed at a nearby intersection. You look down the road and see some flashing lights, it looks to be true. The adult then asks where you are going and offers you a ride. Should you go with them?

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True or False: Taking a short cut at night is the safe thing to do?

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Some kids you just met at the park suggest going down to a local river to hang out, is this safe?

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True or False: Headsets are dangerous when you are walking alone on the street.

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True or False: An attacker is more likely to attack a person who looks distracted or who seems preoccupied in thought.

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