Anti-social behaviour is something that disturbs others and destroys the peace and quiet of a neighbourhood.

It can be caused by a noisy party, groups of people shouting or graffiti. Even pets and animals can cause a nuisance continually barking or running around into neighbour's gardens, parks and playgrounds.

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Noise can be a big problem. People may play their radios too loud, hold parties late into the night and use their vacuum cleaners into the early hours. They may also leave their alarms going all night. Noise can be worse on estates, in blocks of flats, and where people live close together.

Noise problems can include:

  • Barking dogs
  • DIY activities
  • Loud stereos
  • Screaming and shouting
  • Banging doors
  • Noisy parties
  • Alarms going off all night
  • Verbal and physical abuse

What can you do?

  • Speak to them
  • Tell the Environmental Health Agencies
  • Report them to the RSPCA
  • Tell the police
  • Ring the Local Housing Services

Vehicle Noise

Vehicle noise can be caused by both adults and young people. It can lead to arguments and even fights. Remember if you talk to someone about the problem remain calm.

Noise problems can include:

  • Banging doors late at night
  • Playing car stereos and radios very loudly
  • Carrying out noisy repairs in driveways late at night

Remember, if there is a real problem report it to the Environmental Health Services, in extreme circumstances report it to the POLICE and IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY THEN DIAL 999

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